We were trained by Alfa Laval to do service maintenance as Alfa Laval service maintenance standard.

Our Service

Thanyanon’s service offering maintenance service according to Alfa Laval standard guide line which are comprehensive of service such as installation, corrective maintenance, repairs, predictive maintenance, preventive maintenance and onsite service.Read more

Our service can be adapted to meet altered production conditions– without incurring any hidden additional costs. Upcoming service actions can be timetabled accordingly and the impact of potential downtime can be minimized. Our key aims are to maintain maximum plant availability and process efficiency in a cost-effective way

Offer On-site support

On-site Support

In case customer lack of man power to do maintenance or need trouble shooting we can visit customer plant in order to identify root cause of problem.

Product and Technical Training

Product Training

In order to understand alfa Laval product we do training for customer weather at our office, Alfa Laval office or on customer plant.

Preventive Maintenance and Part Repair

Preventive Maintenance

We keep record as serial number or model of every equipment, machine that we supply to our customers then we will know maintenance period and we can notice, supply the right spare part and also we can do appropriate preventive maintenance that comply Alfa Laval standard for customer hence customer can reduce down time.