Pharmaceutical production

At Alfa Laval, we believe in creating better everyday conditions for the Pharma & Biotech industry, so that together, we can help even more people towards a healthier and happier life. Watch this video to learn more about how Alfa Laval can contribute to your pharmaceutical and biotech processes.

Pure performance in the pharmaceutical industry

With our equipment and the diversity of our global network of sales and service representatives, we provide sustainable solutions that meet the highest demands. We strive to improve customer competitiveness through better operational efficiency and high quality end-products backed by engineering experience, application knowledge, customized installation and full validation support.

Blood plasma processing

Securing highest purity, safety and yield

Blood plasma is an important starting material for many of our medicinal treatments. High quality and robust equipment securing gentle product treatment are essential for optimized blood plasma fractionation and processing. Our tried and tested portfolio, including fluid handling components, heat exchangers and membrane filtration, is engineered to maintain strict hygiene standards and deliver repeatable high-quality products.

Chemical API processing

Safe, efficient and simple solutions for complex products

Process efficiency is key to successful production of chemical active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) from complex chemical substances. Increasingly, drug companies look to Alfa Laval as a turnkey supplier of process expertise, hygienic equipment and services for the manufacture of high quality chemical APIs used in finished pharmaceutical products. Equipment from Alfa Laval meets regulatory requirements, supports product stability, lowers manufacturing costs and increases production yields.

Mixing, formulation and packaging

Final formulation processing you can trust

Reliability, consistency, and regulatory compliance are vital to formulating and delivering effective pharmaceuticals. Alfa Laval has a deep understanding of pharmaceutical manufacturing, which we invest in our broad range of hygienic equipment designed to meet the stringent requirements of final formulation processing .

Pharmaceutical water systems

Solutions for optimizing water for injection (WFI), purified water (PW), and non-compendial water systems

Water is an essential ingredient to all pharmaceutical processing. Securing consistent high-quality water, delivered to the point-of-use, at required flow and temperature are basic requirements. Alfa Laval equipment offers you hassle-free operation with minimized operating costs, downtime and environmental impact. Diagram

If you’re a pharmaceutical manufacturer looking for sustainable, energy-efficient solutions, or looking to prevent, rouging, biofilm buildup or other impurities in your pharmaceutical grade water system, Alfa Laval is here to help you meet stringent hygienic demands. With Alfa Laval, it is easy to comply with all the pharmaceutical requirements for safety, hygiene, economy, energy-efficiency and reduced waste. Take advantage of our vast pharmaceutical process expertise, broad and proven hygienic equipment and global service network.

Bacterial and fungus processing

Your equipment and solution provider for optimized fermentation processes Improved yield, safety, quality and cost of operations are vital for staying competitive. Whether you manufacture insulin, vaccines, antiviral medicines or other therapeutics via bacterial or fungus processing, Alfa Laval provides an extensive range of proven separation solutions, fluid handling components and heat exchangers specifically designed to optimize your fermentation processes.

Tap on our years of experience in preparation of bacterial and fungus cultures to secure high quality end-products at highest yields

Plant and animal extract production

Maximize yields and ensure high product quality Natural products provide many viable extracts for the pharmaceutical industries. Maintaining their remedial properties during extraction is key to the success and commercialization of these products. Alfa Laval’s years of experience and proven processing equipment for extraction, separation, purification and concentration enable you to achieve high product quality and top recovery levels in a hygienic and low-energy environment.

Cell culture processing

Ultra-pure equipment and gentle product treatment to optimize your biopharmaceutical processes

For production of high quality medicines, Alfa Laval offers an extensive range of separation solutions, fluid handling components and heat exchangers to optimize your processes, achieve higher yields or improve cost-efficiency, while fulfilling high standards of hygiene and reliability.

Offering years of experience in cell culture preparation and regulatory-compliant equipment

  • Safeguard product characteristics and quality with in-batch and batch-to-batch consistency
  • Higher yields and more uptime along with highest level of hygiene
  • Made for smooth commissioning, qualification and validation
  • Efficient operations – less waste handling and utilities consumption
  • Compliant with relevant pharmaceutical standard

With our range of equipment and global network of sales and service representatives, we provide sustainable solutions that meet the highest demands in cell culture. Backed by complete documentation, full engineering and validation support, our innovative equipment offers operational efficiency and helps to maintain product integrity and improve competitiveness.

Egg-based vaccine production

Flexibility with safe and automated processes makes you ready for an influenza pandemic To be prepared for a possible outbreak of an infectious disease is crucial for our world’s health and wellbeing. The need for fast acting with safe, robust and flexible process is a must to save our world from potential pandemics. Alfa Laval provides equipment and global support to help solve possible problems and to secure safe and fast manufacturing of egg-based influenza vaccines.

Industrial fermentation processes

From lab to full-scale, high capacity production of high-quality bio-based products with environmentally friendly processes

Years of experience in the growth, harvesting and purification of bio-based products

With our range of equipment and global network of sales and service representatives, we provide sustainable solutions that meet the highest demands in bio-based product processing. The high capacity, operational efficiency and unique features of our equipment, backed by complete documentation, full engineering and validation support, helps to maintain product integrity, process output and improve your competitiveness.

Support and utility processes

Maintaining uptime in biotech and pharmaceutical industries Whether it is CIP (Cleaning in Place), clean steam, waste treatment or kill system, Alfa Laval has an extensive range of equipment to keep your systems safe and hygienic all specially designed to maintain uptime and meet the stringent hygiene requirements of the biotech and pharma industries.

Bio-based chemicals

The biotech revolution is influencing the chemical industry by making it possible to economically produce a vast array of products hitherto sourced from fossil raw materials or chemical synthesis. These chemicals are based on the fermentation of renewable resources with a low environmental impact and without requiring hazardous and often toxic production steps

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Alfa Laval Q-doc documentation package

Alfa Laval Q-doc is our comprehensive documentation package for our UltraPure equipment. Based on Good Documentation Practice (GDP), Q-doc documents every aspect from raw material to delivered equipment. With full transparency of sourcing, production and supply chains it is a simple matter to trace even the slightest change in material or manufacturing procedures – even when it comes to spare parts.

Documentation for biotech and pharmaceutical needs

The standard Alfa Laval Q-doc documentation package for Alfa Laval UltraPure equipment ensures full traceability of all product contact parts such as, steel, gaskets, etc. This secures a perfect match every time and prevents potential oversights that could necessitate revalidation. Alfa Laval Q-doc comprises conformity declaration, material certificates, relevant test certificates and information about necessary Alfa Laval spare parts kits for standard components. Just like the factory acceptance tests (FATs) for our separation systems, the Q-doc documentation package supports a smooth qualification and validation process, and safeguards long-term peace of mind.

Downloading Q-doc documentation package

Want to locate an Alfa Laval Q-doc? Customers can now download Alfa Laval Q-doc here: